24 Hours at the Vintage or Let them Eat Cake:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 118

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24 Hours at the Vintage, taken August 2, 2014, focuses on one of the last events of the Vintage Theater in Scranton, set to close it's doors on August 30, 2014 with a goodbye party starting at 6 pm.(There are a few events left; check out their Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/scrantonvintage for more.)

The event featured artistic expression of every type; theater, music, sculpture, painting, cake...yes that's right cake.

This video features one of the performance artists, who is well known for her pieces that center around objectification, censorship, and the path to freedom from both. iCONstance is her performance name, and she seeks to look deeply into the nature of human relationships and the limitations we place on each other and ourselves.

In this piece, she took on the role of a fascist queen who didn't understand her subjects or their hostility, was murdered, decorated as a cake, partially eaten by her subjects, and miraculously revived.

For more of an explanation, you will need to watch the video.

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