Slap Jaw Performing at Sound For Scoliosis 2010

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Back in Vlog 37, I covered the "Sound for Scoliosis." The guys from the band "Slap Jaw" asked if they could get a copy of the video from the event. Since Slap Jaw was generous enough to donate their time to the event, we're more than happy to accommodate them. To facilitate this, we've re-edited the event video with a focus on Slap Jaw, as well as including links to the raw video below.


The video below is in it's original, unedited format. Thus it's content may not be suitable to anyone not old enough to attend the event! Also, you will see all the videographer's transitions between shots and Outtakes! Viewer beware!

Last Updated (Sunday, 28 November 2010 08:14)