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Here is a video we put together for Robert Thomas, Sensei of the 570 Dojo.

He has over 20 years experience in the Martial Arts, and have a third degree black belt in Japanese Karate. He teaches situational awareness and essential self-defense. These are the elements of the lessons learned in the 570 Dojo.

Where is the 570 Dojo? The Dojo is wherever you need it to be. He does hold instruction at 418 Rear, S. Main Street, in Taylor, PA. Primarily he travels to schools, business, and organizations to give their members the knowledge they need to stay safe, prepared and proactive in the world around them. There are three different courses that he teaches:

1) He is a certified instructor in the "Fight Like a Girl" program developed by Steve Kardian and Brad Parker.

2)Tsunami Self-Defense is a co-educational program that he has developed. His system of personal protection is well rounded, covering a mind, body connection within self-defense.

3)Mushin-Do is a martial art that stresses the ability to respond without preparation. The moves flow naturally and are always appropriate for the situation.

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