Tebow Logic Fail

I'm confused again.


Tony Romo has one playoff win to his credit, and just got signed for six years and over one hundred million dollars, roughly half of which is guaranteed.


Peyton Manning came to Denver, lost in the first round of the playoffs (as he had seven times before, twice as much as any other player) and is considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, if not the best.


Tim Tebow took that same team—minus players brought in just for Manning—to the playoffs and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he can't even play the game.


Are we going to assume that Quarterback isn't that important a position? Was Dever so good they were able to beat the Steelers even though they were saddled with Tebow?


And yet with Peyton Manning, they couldn't beat the Ravens? Nothing against the Ravens since they did win the Superbowl last year. But if Dever was so awesome they could carry Tebow then my goodness, they should have been undefeated last year.


The fact of the matter is Tebow can win games. He does it with an undisciplined, sand-lot, heart attack inducing style, but he wins games. It was a mistake for the Jets not to play him last year, especially once they had nothing to lose. I'm convinced they didn't because then they would have heard, "Why didn't you play him sooner?" If all the quarterbacks were terrible, then obviously the coaches weren't to blame.


Would I want Tebow to show up in a Steelers uniform? Certainly. I know if he went in for Big Ben, he could find a way to win, and I’m sure the Steelers could find ways to work him into the normal gameplan. This is especailly true with Heath Miller injured.


For the record, I’m not taking down any of the Steeler backups here. I’m not saying we need him, I’m just saying I would in no way be upset if we took him.


Actually, the Steelers would probably be the best place for him. Can you imagine the Steelers getting derailed by media drama? Historically they’ve been great at handling issues that come from somewhere other than the field. The Jets? Not so much. The Jets seem to enjoy it too much.


So I’m still confused. Why is there so much Tebow hate? Everyone around him says he’s genuinely a good guy. I don’t hang out with the dude so I can’t testify, but that’s a point no one seems to contest. Even if he’s the worst player in the NFL, why the rancor?


I can tell you this: it will only make him more popular. People identify with Tebow. Trying your best, producing, and still being torn down is not an uncommon event. There’s a sense that his treatment has been unjust, and that will grow his fanbase. 


Some percentage of people will look at it as an assault on his Christianity. I’ve seen commentators  say the only reason we care about Tebow is his faith, so that’s not a stretch. As a Roman Catholic, I know I feel hostility from the media. (And as I rejoice. Matthew 5:11.) It would be a bit much to call him a martyr just yet, but people are going to rally around him for what they perceve as persecution.


And that popularity will infurate his detractors, and the lovers and the haters will gather together and wait with baited breath for his next move. The cycle will continue.


Oscar Wilde said the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. The jury is still out on that, but by Oscar’s estimation, Tebow is doing just fine.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
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